5 Tips to Make More Money from Weddings

As a photographer, setting your rates is always a delicate balance. You want to make sure that you’re charging enough to make money on your skills, but you also want to have clients choose you instead of going straight to the competition! If you want to make more money on each wedding you shoot, there are several key strategies that can help.


Tip #1: Offer Add-On Options

Once the bride and groom have settled on you as their wedding photographer, they’ve probably selected a base package that will meet their needs. That doesn’t mean, however, that you’re stuck with that package! A few weeks before the wedding, offer add-on options that will allow the bride and groom to enhance their package. Offering a discount is a great way to entice them to add, for example:

  • Videography
  • An engagement shoot
  • A photo booth
  • A wedding dress shoot for the bride prior to the big day
  • Specific prints, from canvases to albums, that they might not initially have chosen


Tip #2: Let the Guests Buy In

Many brides and grooms are now opting for unique gift registry options that will allow them to get the things that they really want for their wedding. Why not let their guests buy wedding photos that they’ll cherish for a lifetime? You can choose to offer your services as part of a gift registry set up by the bride and groom or to provide the opportunity for guests to purchase photos after the wedding–especially specific options or photos that the bride and groom are interested in owning. You’ll also find that many guests are interested in purchasing pictures of themselves from the big day. Capitalise on this by checking out each table at the reception and taking the time to take pictures of smaller groups of guests. They’ll appreciate the attention, and you’ll get a fresh selection of potential clients at every table.


Tip #3: Put Together Products the Bride Can’t Turn Down

Following the wedding, you aren’t done meeting with the bride and groom–and you have an excellent opportunity to encourage them to use some of their cash wedding gifts to purchase products that they’ll love for a lifetime. Put together some photos they’ll fall in love with–and then immediately purchase from you. Put together a canvas image or a photo collage that they can’t turn down. When you have those products already on hand and allow the bride and groom to hold them, they’ll be much less likely to walk away from them than if they’re simply flipping through a catalogue.


Tip #4: Put Together Package Deals

In most cases, the bride and groom have a specific budget that they need to work within. Offering a package deal will let them see exactly what they can afford. By offering a slight discount on some of your regular services in exchange for that package, you can encourage the bride and groom to hit their budget. They’ll have a lot more trouble removing items from a package than they will simply choosing a handful of cheaper options.


Tip #5: Offer Heirloom Photos

If you want to immediately increase your earnings on a wedding, ask the bride and groom to choose their favourite image for an heirloom photo: a large canvas print that can hang prominently in the home. Ideally, you should have a meeting in their home, where you can point out exactly where the photo could go on the wall and how it will highlight the other decor. Once they’ve chosen a favourite, it will be hard to walk away from this amazing option.


Making money as a wedding photographer can be challenging. By increasing the value of each wedding, you can increase your income without having to increase your customer base–and that can make it easier for you to achieve your other professional goals. Need more help becoming the wedding photographer you’ve always wanted to be? Contact us today to learn how we can help.