Photography Tips for Shooting on a Grey Day

The world around us is fantastic, and outdoor photography can have beautiful results. Nature never fails to delight us with her abundant resources. But Nature doesn’t always cooperate by providing a beautiful, sunny day. You don’t want to miss out on all of the wonder a grey day has to offer to the photographer. So instead you just need to change your approach to capture the moment around you. Here are some tips for shooting on a grey day.


Think in Black and White

Although a grey day doesn’t offer the amount of light that a camera loves, you can still take amazing pictures on such a day. The real key to being successful on a day like this is to change your thinking. You’ll want to think in terms of black and white.

The reason is simple enough – there is not as much visual colour information as there would be on a sunny day. By thinking in black and white, you will focus on the details of what is in front of you instead of the available colour palette. These details are precisely what you will need to capture.


Set Your Camera to Monochrome

Most cameras today have settings for taking monochrome images. Even simple digital cameras like smartphones allow for this.

If your camera does not support it, you can still get this effect with post-production software. However, by capturing in monochrome, you have immediate feedback in the preview as to how your shot looks. This allows you to make immediate adjustments and reshoot instead of losing an image in the conversion due to bad lighting.

Even if you don’t have a monochrome setting on your camera, there are still things you can do to achieve the best composition.


Aim for the Contrast

When working with a grey scene, you will probably want to find and use the strongest contrast. The contrast in a grey photo is what makes the scene pop and come to life. While contrast is a powerful tool in any photograph, having a grey colour range makes this especially important.

Look for unusual shapes and patterns in the scene in front of you. You may find that the shadows fall differently on a grey day than others, creating a unique opportunity. The same shadows that would hide in the background in a colourful scene are suddenly brought to the forefront.


Work the Emotion

A grey day can invoke different emotions than the scene on a sunny day. Play with the passion that you feel the scene conveys, and try to bring that to focus. A grey day can speak volumes in an almost wordless manner that other days just cannot.

You may find that a sombre black and white photo can be very compelling, painting an entire range of emotions on the viewer. A grey day can represent many feelings experienced in a lifetime, so don’t be afraid to experiment with them.

Remember that not all grey day photos are sad ones. In fact, the juxtaposition between a smiling face and an otherwise dreary scene can create a striking image, capturing the viewer in awe and appreciation.

Of course, there are times when you just want to capture the emotion of the moment. If it appears to be a dreary day, don’t be afraid to capitalise on that as well. The honest emotion of the moment won’t be lost on those that would appreciate this kind of photography.

A stark image on a grey day can speak its own raw truth. This is why you don’t want to miss experiencing photography on a day like this. And once you do capture those fantastic photographs, be sure to check out our line of photo albums perfect for showcasing your unique professional work.