Plan a Successful Year for your Photography Business

With 2018 underway, now is a perfect time to examine what has been working well for your photography business in past years, and develop an effective plan to make 2018 your best year yet. Taking time to plan ahead for the coming months is an important step in getting the results you want.


What Does Success Mean for Your Business?

The first thing you can do is clearly define what success looks like to you. Having a well thought out plan is the best place to start. What are your goals? Do you want to increase your number of clients? Maybe you want to get out there and photograph more events than you did last year. Or maybe you want to increase your expertise in a certain area. Whatever your goals are, write them down, and put them in a prominent place, so that you can always be reminded what you’re working towards.

If these goals are ongoing, what have you already done to make progress? Take a look at last year, and think about what you consider to be your biggest successes. What steps did you take to reach those successes? Or maybe last year didn’t go as well as you had planned. There’s no shame in changing your course or your final goal. Remember, it’s important to take time and evaluate if you’re where you need to be. Are you happy with how things are going? Are you still doing what you love? It can be painful to admit that things may not be going exactly how you planned, but it’s never too late to re-evaluate your goals as a photographer.


Examine Your Offerings and Finances

The new year is a great time to take a look at your products and services, and what you’re charging for them. What is your most popular item? How much profit are you making on each sale? Closely examine how much time you’re spending on each project compared to the amount of profit you’re making, and don’t undervalue your time or services. Remember, every minute of your time is valuable, and you need to have a balance. Of course, you want to provide the best service possible, but don’t get so caught up in catering to the client’s every request that you sell yourself short.

In addition to finding your most popular item or service, also consider what is your most profitable. If your most popular item is also your most profitable, you’re in good shape! If not, consider how you might promote your most profitable services so your clients want to purchase them.


Customer Service is Key

When you are running your own photography business, it’s not just about getting great shots. It’s also necessary to manage your clients, and make sure they are coming away happy. Dedicate some time this year to creating a great customer experience. A happy customer is more likely to recommend you to a friend or family member, or leave you a positive review online. In addition to providing a great service to your clients, there are plenty of other ways to create raving fans! Offer discounts to clients who get you referrals, or email your most loyal customers coupons to use during their next session.

In addition, try your best to make your scheduling and invoicing process a breeze. There are plenty of great digital tools you can use to communicate with your clients, handle your scheduling, and keep your finances straight. When it’s quick and easy to get in touch with you, clients will feel that they’re getting the personal attention they love. This is a key aspect of a stellar customer experience, and it’ll have your clients coming back for more.

While websites and social media pages are great marketing tools, they’re also great for customer service. Provide your clients with a few ways to get in touch with you – phone, email, or instant message. That way they can choose which is most convenient for them.

2018 is the year to take your photography business to the next level. You know that you have a great service to provide, and now it’s time to get the word out there, and focus on your goals. If you’re in need of some more helpful tips, or are looking for a beautiful way to help your clients display their most treasured images, contact us.